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Sunday, January 18, 2009

When overpopulation must move around open protected spaces

Long a fan of San Francisco Chronicle journalist Carl Nolte, I appreciated his feature this morning on San Francisco's all time high population and its need/desire to coexist with protected open spaces within the city limits. I thought you might be interested in this feature as well. If so, here is the link:

City packed with people still leaves room for natural areas

Considering geographical space in San Francisco has and always will be a precious commodity, I feel fortunate that every square inch of dirt has not been consumed by residential housing and commercial structures. If so, naturally beautiful spaces such as this setting in The Presidio would no longer exist.

Shadow Dance
The Presidio, San Francisco, California

Please support the protection of open natural spaces anyway you possibly can i.e. with your voice, opinion, debit card, day to day action, etc.

Note: The record for the largest man made park in the world perhaps should be given to the Presidio since every tree here was planted by the military.

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