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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Senate approves wilderness expansion in 9 states

Mission control, this blog is ready for takeoff.

As a landscape photographer, I cannot think of a more fitting article/act to set things in motion. My sincere hope is that you will support passage of this bill in the House both for the benefit of our generation and those to follow.

Wilderness Expansion Act

As the story reads, state preservation will help protect open beautiful spaces touching both coasts, including quadrants very close to the following popular photographic destinations.

Close Enough To Whisper
Joshua Tree National Park, California

Ivory Song
Sequoia National Park, California

Moving in a million different directions these days , I'll make every attempt to tighten the wheel and deliver relevant content.

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Hubber said...

Let us hope that Mr. Oil Bush's activities in pushing carbon into the air do not impact the views that Mr. Environment Bush has now provided all of us.

Hubber said...

Here we go...ugh!

Lightchaser said...

Appreciate your feedback, Sean. Yes, the departing president appears to be crafting an 11th hour political ploy. Fortunately, the Obama administration has the authority to cancel any action, should they choose. The world's eyes are watching.

Lightchaser said...

As reported in the SF Chronicle this morning, a judge has temporarily blocked Utah oil and gas leases near Canyonlands and Arches National Park. Here is the news story:

Judge temporarily blocks leases